Barbara R. Grossman, Ph.D.
Michael J. Grossman, M.D.
helping couples learn the skills to achieve ageless love

Drs. Barbara & Michael Grossman

For over twenty-five years, Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create a fulfilling romantic partnership. 

They have TV appearances on CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. They deliver a powerful interview to discover the secrets to having a fulfilling long-term romantic partnership with a genuine love that lasts forever through all the phases of life.
Speaking Topics
We’ve uncovered the top five barriers that get in the way of you and your partner falling AND staying in love forever. It is possible to create more love, passion, and deeper intimacy with your partner, even if you feel more like roommates than lovers, or are experiencing what you think might be irreconcilable differences.
How to Fall in Love Forever
What you’ll learn on the podcast:
  • Three secrets to falling in love forever
  • ​How to understand and support your partner’s peculiar requests and needs
  • ​How to overcome conflict in a loving way to connect deeply again
Love, Aging, and Intimacy
 What you’ll learn on the podcast:
  • How to reverse sexual dysfunction.
  • ​How to maintain youthful brain and level of enthusiasm.
  • ​How to live longer through sexual intimacy.
Your Brain and Romance
What you’ll learn on the podcast:
  • What makes Romantic Love so different from other types of love
  • ​Learn how you accept your partner’s peculiar changes over the years and see it’s a natural part of development
  • Use your mind to open your heart
  • ​Learn the benefits of forgiveness
  • Learn how to communicate healthy and loving boundaries to ignite romance
Longevity and Romance in Today’s World
What you’ll learn on the podcast:
  • How you can live longer and healthier through the quality of your romantic partnership
  • ​How to balance stability with adventure, predictability with novelty in your romance
  • How supplementation and other health interventions can help create more intimacy.

Ageless Love 

The Sexy Science Of Falling In Love Forever
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